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    SCUs School of Professional Studies provides easy access to high quality educational programs to meet the ever-changing needs of chiropractors in practice. Conferences, seminars, and online or hard copy resources improve practitioners’ knowledge and skills while enhancing the quality of patient care.

    Our CE programs are current and relevant to graduate chiropractors, related health care workers and undergraduate chiropractic students.


How do you start?

1. Click "New User" link in the top right hand corner of this page to register.

2. Once you are logged on, go to the Course Catalog on the left of the screen, then choose a course.

3. Take the class and any applicable test. You may click "My Transcript" from the Navigation bar on the left to request an immediate e-mail confirmation that the course was successfully completed! It's that easy.

Who accepts our Courses?

    A majority of US states allow some or all of the CE credit hours found at SCU On-line.

At present, the CBCE is proposing to allow chiropractors to earn up to 12 of the 24 required hours of continuing education in an online format. In addition, the SCU online site offers a variety of risk management, ethics, record keeping and documentation courses.

     What is available?

Browse our on-line catalog to find courses that meet your CE needs. SCU online course benefits:

• No lost weekends 

• No hotel bills 

• No travel time or airports 

• Courses on YOUR schedule 

YOU choose the curriculum